March 6, 2021

Contractor Leverage Part 2

How to increase your contracting business,revenue,sales,profits,wealth and your net worth?

It”s quite simple!

You need to do an internal marketing audit and inventory of your marketing activities and processes and then start looking at the best performing ways to improve upon it.

Take a look within your company, do you have 1 salesperson that stands above the rest each and every month? I mean this person meets or always exceeds your expectations every day and every month.

Now what does he or she do different that lets them sell above everyone else? So why not replicate there process or model and then have everyone in your company apply it also?

Go outside your company!

Take a look at contractors outside your area or even within your market. Do they have better ways of marketing,selling,lead generation,conversion or up selling? Then borrow there ideas or process and use it for yourself.

Now, I am not saying to do anything unethical but if you find someone outside your area call the contractor and do an interview and explain what your up against and ask for some advise.

Go outside your industry!

Try to find related businesses that stand out and then adapt,adopt there processes into your business. Make sure that you can measure,monitor,and analyze the performance of each action you take and do not be afraid to drop the under-performing  ones that are not working.

There will be the ones that increase your sales,revenue,profits and your performance and also increase your business and your client base.

Marketing without a doubt is the most important up side leverage any contractor can do to increase there sales and business.

So take a look at how you manage your marketing for your contracting business because upside leverage is the fast way to exponential growth.