January 20, 2021

Contractor Pay Cut?

Contractor Fat Cats Uncle Sam is Watching Your Wallet!

Wow! I bet this got your attention? Man with all the media hype on pay I thought I should bring it up so we can all talk about this topic.

I mean everybody knows contractors live in the fast lane and we all make the “big bucks” and according to the big dogs in Washington if we make over $200,000 a year now then we will be put in a class along with the Washington head bangers and taxed to death.

I don’t no about you but where in the hell is this country headed. Man I lose enough sleep over my jobs, now I got all this other crap to worry about.

I am kind of glad dear old dad has past on because just the news that Fiat and the union own Chrysler would be enough to knock him over for good since he was a dealer back in the 50’s and 60’s.

Mom and dad drove Chrysler’s to the day they both passed on. Plus he was as tight as they come and all this bailout crap would have drove him nuts. My poor mother would have had hell to pay with the old man going off the deep end after watching all the bad news.

I sure can see why the tea parties have gained momentum and I would say when the next election rolls around I believe the independent voter will be in the guided seat.

There is not a business that I don’t talk to that’s not worried on what’s going to happen to them. I don’t no about you but it really makes me hot under the collar when I see people in there 50 and 60’s losing everything they have to all the mess around them.

I mean who do you really trust nowadays? If you can’t trust your local banker who can you trust?

I have always made the most money in the down turn years, but not this time. I have never seen it so soft in my business.

All  3 American made car dealers closed yesterday in our town, leaving Toyota and Nissan the only dealers left. They all had new buildings and had been in business over 20 years plus.

I would say they let go over 150 employees total. The owners got nothing for there business. How in the hell does this country call this fair business practice.

Plus you look at all the bondholders and shareholders who thought they were protected and now wiped out with a law that has been an effect over 236 years and you wonder what the government is thinking. How can this happen in our country?

How can we sit back and let this happen? Again and again!!

OK I will get down off my box and thank you all for listening.

I guess all I can say is I’m sorry mom and dad and may you continue to rest in peace.