January 20, 2021

Contractors vs Suppliers

Suppliers are Begging Contractors for Business!

My How Things Have Changed.

During normal business times and without any storms or hurricanes or now the economy suppliers are hurting for business.

I believe right now is the best time to get on board with your suppliers of choice. Yes, now is the time to shop around for pricing also.

But try to look at your supplier as your business partner. Lets face it you do a lot of business with your suppliers and you need them as much as they need you.

So it’s a two way street on getting material on time and I have found that if you pay within 15 days you can always receive a much better price. Now, I know a lot of times this is impossible pending on what kind of contractor you are and how you get paid on your work.

But, let me also say that waiting times for your money has been getting shorter from builders and commercial contractors. Gone are the days of 60-90 days of waiting to get paid. At least I hope you do not fall into that trap.

To me 30 days or less when working with these type of contractors should be the way to be paid.

So, working with your supplier  and keeping them informed on the business you have in your pipeline can help you with not only great prices but shorter lead times and good service if needed.

I have talked to a lot of contractors that do not even ask for better pricing. Do not be afraid to ask for better pricing, because almost always you can get better pricing.

Just remember to think of your suppliers as business partners and treat them the with the same respect that you would ask for.