January 20, 2021

Supplier Makes Contractor Look Good!

Why now is the best time to make supplier contractor connection!

Yes, I know this post will be a hot topic. Why do I no this? Because I wrote a post some time back about suppliers and I was rambling with Google analytics today and found that was the most read post for me.

So you all have spoken and I do love my readers so it’s only fair I give you more of the same.

See this is a great topic for me because I love my suppliers.My most favorite supplier is my good friend from Custom Window Systems from Ocala ,Florida is Mr. Ron Goins.

Ron is the best of the best when it comes to a sales rep from a manufacture.

First off he knows his product inside and out.He will move mountains to make sure you are always satisfied.Believe me he understands what a client means to him and his company.

He at one time worked at a local window manufacture [PGT] in Venice Florida and was let go[BIG MISTAKE] and then went to Custom.

Ron and I became the best of friends and went to dinner often when he lived in town. His lovely wife Jan and my lady Diane was a blast to be around.

Now Ron and Jan built a new house in Ocala and we do not have the fun we used to have but we will always be the best of friends.

Anyway Ron was down the other day and we caught up and talked about business and all the changes the world is going threw. Now when other window manufactures are laying off and closing plants all over the country Custom Windows has grown by 332% in there vinyl impact window line.

You see when you are the best at what you do and clearly understand the true value of a client then this is how some companies prosper in bad times.

Ron clearly understands our business. He wants to always know what is going on in our business. He will always listen and if we need something different or outside the box type request he is there to make it happen.

He has mastered marketing his product in a totally different way then the competition. He has held marketing classes all over the country and for 12 years did a marketing show down in Mexico for one of there largest accounts from Canada.

That company would bring there top 50 dealers and wives and Ron would be the marketing guru. I remember working with Ron several times to come up with a different spin for each show each year.

We would role play the ideas and spin different marketing concepts to bring this company up to the next level each year. Again, Ron had them always wanting more.

So, let me ask you now how well do you know your suppliers? Do you have this type of relationship with at least one supplier?

Now let me add that Ron is not the only person in his company that is like this. There tribe at Custom Windows are all this committed to there clients.

Yes, they clearly get it from the girls that take the order to the men that deliver our hand washed and ready to install windows to the service department if needed.

I would not need to be best friends with Ron to get this type of service from Custom Windows because this is the level of service they give to all there clients.

But because Ron is Ron this is how we became the best of friends.

So, all I want you to think about is to forge relationships with all your key suppliers and now is the time to do this.

Now is the time to be a key player with your suppliers or distributors.