January 20, 2021

Vacation Time For Contractors

Yes, You Need To Take Some Time Off To Clear The Head And Enjoy The Family!

My vacation time starts this week and boy I need it bad. Hey, it’s been a rough year but a great one so far also.

Most contractors I hope take some time off and clear the old noggin once in a while.

When I say it’s been rough year I must say that with laughter because I have never lived a year like this one in my lifetime.

Never have I had to work so hard to make the phone ring with leads plus work so hard to close sales.

I’m just not used to having clients get 6 estimates and then try to beat you up along the way. I have used the “sorry I’ll pass” on doing the work for nothing!

I just feel if I got to go threw all the motions I will make some moo la  along the way. Right?

Hell anyone can work for wages as long as it’s not me!

No, for me it’s time to stay with it and grind out some market share along the way because my competition seems to be on vacation all year.

I must say it has been a challenge this year because my normal competitors that I butt heads with normally have been missing in my market. So I have had to deal with out of the area “contractors” and this comes with learning there sales skills and pricing models.

I just can’t wait to get back to some normalcy in our local market. But then again maybe it won’t come back?

Anyway the Smokey Mountains are calling my name again and the drive there will be a riot as usual and to stop at my favorite fried chicken dinner place in Madison Ga.

Shades of the past hot rod show will be a blast to. Sitting along the blvd. watching all the cool cars and the mix of people driving by at night. This alone is worth the trip.