January 20, 2021

A Contractor’s Niche Matters

So someone needs to be the bad guy once in awhile right? Well let it be me! Because I’m trying to save your ass here OK?

Have you learned anything in the last couple of years? Let’s take a look around the country because I have some raving fans that like to bust my balls when some of my buddy contractors think I’m pulling a fast one when I here someone say man I’m not making the money I once was. Huh?

I guess I’m a sucker for this type of talk because anyone that knows me sees me about to explode. I have seen more then once I might add and heard this before.

But before I go off here let’s talk about the way to fix the no money problem. First I can fix it real quick. It depends if they want a slow death or just shoot me in the head and get it over with?

Find the Money!

The core problem mainly is because they won’t or don’t niche down into their market and find the real product or service that pulls in the most profit. Contractors and business in general like to sell everything they can get there hands on just to try to satisfy there client.

But more then most are really not good at all things. Right? Some things they excel at and make a great profit  and some things they sell just to keep the client happy even if it cost them money.

This is where the main problem lies. Because while they are doing a job for next to nothing  plus they really don’t like it anyway they are leaving the more profitable jobs sit and wait.

So how do you learn to say I’m sorry Mrs. Jones but we don’t do this type of work, but let me recommend someone for this project. See how easy that was. Now your further ahead of the game and you still have a happy client.


Contractors and businesses need to look at there company and do there do diligence and make sure they are making the money to prosper and live a nice balanced life.

You can also niche down your marketing to match your overall goals.