January 20, 2021

Customer Service Concerns

This article focuses on how owners of a construction business in Houston, TX can make sure they excel at customer service. This post may be the most important post I have written lately. See, without excellent service you can be the best at what you do when you sell and construct or install your product.

Without an excellent service department or a way to back up everything you sell then you are wasting your good efforts.

Customer Service Matters

You cannot build a contracting business that will last without customer service.

First, think about this.

Do you understand the difference between a customer and a client? A customer is someone you sell to one time! You could care less to ever see or here from them again ever. One time sell you have there money and thank you and good bye.

But, a client is someone that you care about. You take them under your wing and guide them throughout the total buying experience and you follow them all the way threw there project with only one thing on your mind. Make sure your client is 100% satisfied at all cost to you.

When you take this path or approach you will learn everything about your client in the process. Your client will be able to feel and see that you truly are putting them above all others and that they are what is important to you .

Longer Term Benefits

So right from the start choose to have only clients in your business and make sure that every person or employee or subcontractors clearly understand the difference. Educate them why you feel this way and show them why this will help build a better contracting business for the long haul.

This will also make your service department run more efficient because your client feels at ease knowing you will be there to service all there needs now and in the future.

I have found this is an easy way to receive referrals and ask for client testimonials for future marketing campaigns.

Always put your clients first and your business will excel with less effort and marketing cost. In Houston, TX, and other fine southern cities like it, reputation means a lot. So guard your reputation as a quality contractor with care.

Customer Service Concerns