January 20, 2021

Getting the Word Out

With all the ways to market your contracting business I feel that all contractors should take the leap and start to learn to market there business online. I like to think of your web site is like building a house. First you need a blueprint to guide you through the building process. So follow me here if you would and let’s check out our plans together.

This does not need to be a painful process because it can be easy if you are taught the right way to do it. I like doing it online because once you have it up and running correctly you can put in on auto pilot and watch your leads come in everyday and this is what it is all about. Right?

So let’s talk about some of the things you need to do this. First off a well designed web site that has lot’s of good content about you and your company and your staff. Yes a few photo’s of current and past projects and the big one is to add video to your site also. The video works because it will keep your client on your site longer. This is the time to show your products or just welcome them to your site.

Think about it how many contractor sites have you been to that has video on it? Besides google loves video. This is the wave of our future and it cost less than you might think. Let’s move on to SEO for your site. This is part of your foundation that when done right this is how your client will find you on the net. Now let’s find some key words for your business and this is a very important part of the foundation process because this can not only narrow down finding the right client for you but it also helps the client find you also.

Keep one thing in mind also when you set up your PPC campaign that you are paying every time someone clicks on your keyword. So now you see how important it is to get the best keywords for your type of construction business. But stay cool here because you can do a word-track program that gives you the best keywords then google can give you a cost for each keyword.

Now I know this all seems a little difficult but there is a site that you can go to that will teach you all of this all on video and step by step and best of all at your own pace.

So there you have it a great foundation to start with. I will continue this series to help you learn marketing your contractor business online. Feel free to ask me questions because I am here to help.

Thank You