January 20, 2021

The Online Advertising Series; For Contractors

Good morning and I would like to continue talking with you about the marketing blueprint for online marketing your contractor business. Previously, we talked about how important it is to build a strong foundation for your web site.

So now why don’t we start building the walls? I’ve talked to contractors all over the country about there web site and to my amazement 80-90% have a web site but they do not use it to market with. Yes it does tell about there company but it just sits there and does not produce any leads.

Again most think just because they have a site up on the web that clients will come. So you have your PPC campaign working on auto pilot now and you are receiving leads and you are making sales now. Now I what to show you how to build the walls and keep your client informed about you and your company.

First off it can cost you 10 times more to get a new client. So to continue to sell to your existing clients is so important. You are able to do this with a simple e-newsletter that you can send out once a month. Now let’s think about this for a second?

With adding a autoresponder service to your e-newsletter you are able to send messages to your clients at anytime. Just think of the power of this. Know more expensive printing or mailing cost. With just a simple touch of a button you are able to talk to your client at any time you choose.

You can send them special buys on new products. You are able to continue to show them new projects you are working on but most of all you are able to build a strong relationship with your clients. This is the most important part of your e-newsletter. Keeping in touch on a weekly or monthly basis helps you stay in the mind of your client.

So when your client needs work done again on there home or there friend ask who they would recommend to help them on there project your company name will be there. This is a very easy but powerful way to stay in touch with all your clients. I like to call this building walls because it is from the foundation up and this is how you grow your business.

Ok I know what your thinking now and you are a little nervous about the newsletter writing and maybe the cost of the autoresponder service. For less than $20.00 a month you can use Aweber as your provider for your e-newsletter. As I continue this series I’m going to be telling you about a fantastic web site just for contractors to learn all about marketing on the web and a whole lot more.

This site has been in the works for the past 6 months and they will be launching it very soon. It will be the only web site designed just for contractors to learn how to not only market your contracting business but also it will have all the information you need everyday to run your business.

This web site is owned by contractors that run there business everyday the same as you do and they feel the same pain you do. Just think about the network that they are putting together all over the world to provide you with video’s and online learning on all the hot subjects for your contracting business. This service will be right at your fingertips 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Never before has this been done in the contractor world but it is without a doubt a needed service. Most of all it will be very affordable because the 2 guys that put this all together has lived the up and downs of the contracting business for over 25 years. So for less than a good steak dinner you will have all you need at your fingertips.

Well stay tuned and I will continue my blueprint marketing series because it is time we put the roof on your web site. This will put it all together and I will show you how to explode your sales and hopefully I can spill the beans on that new web site I keep telling you about.

But for now my lips are sealed!